Grandview Furry Resort
Pet Daycare, Boarding and Grooming
446 Corry Rd
Enon Valley Pa 16120
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Your pets vacation while you vacation!
While your pet stays at Grandview Furry Resort they will enjoy lots of social interaction, making new friends every day.  Our goal is to give your pet the best possible experience while you are away.  We take walks, play in the dog pools, lots of toys, games of fetch, dig holes, enjoy cuddle time, or what ever your pet so desires :)
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    Overnight Board
    We offer safe, clean and very comfortable accommodations for our overnight guest. We have bowls, blankets, toys, elevated dog cots and of course cookies available for your pet during their stay at no extra charge. The overnight charge is $20 per night. We post photos and videos to our Facebook page during your pets stay with us.
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    Doggy Day Care
    Doggy Day Care cost varies $12-$16 per day. You furbaby will enjoy the same amenities that our overnight guest do, just with out the overnight stay. They can enjoy a day to relax and have a good time while you are out. Doggy Day Care is a great way to socialize your furbaby as well.
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    Cats and other small pets
    We will take care of your cat, kitten, bunny, guinea pig or other small pet while you are away. Our cat room is very accommodating with a super fun, large floor to ceiling cat castle for them to enjoy. The cost for small pets is $10 a night.
Full Service Grooming available by appointment, price varies depending on service desired, size and breed of dog. Cat bath and blow out cost is $15. Nail trim and File service available for $10.
Other Amenities
At no extra charge, every pet staying here get one on one cuddle and play time, walks if wanted, daily laundry service, administer any medications needed, and of course as many toys and blankets they want. Dog beds or cots are also provided at no extra charge.